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In the light of the news in the Philippines regarding crimes on the rise involving friends who meet on the Net, we wish to
strongly advise all of our friends and guests here to adopt necessary precautions and protect their privacy. We understand that most of us value and enormously appreciate
the friendship that we get on the Net—not to mention that a lot of them are legit—but not at the expense of our security and safety. Let’s have fun safely.

Friday, November 7, 2014

GMA’s IM Ready Public Safety Portal for the Philippines Live

The GMA Network launched on Friday, February 28, 2014, the “IM Ready Public Safety Portal,” a one-stop shop on the Net for disaster and emergency preparedness in the Philippines, provided below. And in partnership with Google, leading traffic navigation app Waze, and key Philippine government agencies; it features real-time updates on the following:

Ø Weather
Ø  Flooding
Ø  Geo-hazards
Ø        Traffic conditions
Ø        Class Suspensions
Ø        Gas Pump Prices

and soon even on the following:

Ø       Commute Route Options and
Ø       Metro Train Services and Fare rates

Additionally, the said gateway is linked to the GMA’s News Online website (click on the IM Ready logo located in the middle of its upper portion to access the latter).

Inspired by our strong belief that this portal is such a great tool to help provide our fellow Filipinos with necessary and important information toward calamity and emergency readiness, we decided to share and promote the same here on our website gratis. Likewise, to aid on giving our motorists and commuting public in the Philippines instantaneous traffic situations updates that is, indeed, a huge help in their day-to-day lives, a public service in which we want to be a part.

Congratulations, GMA, for a job well done for the interest of public service and safety.  We are hopeful that this gizmo—which we suppose has been motivated by your noble notion and intent to better serve our fellow Filipinos and our beloved home country, the Philippines, as a whole— works as purported and promised.  These being said, we encourage all of our countrymen to explore and make use of this portal at the utmost, a fruit and gift of Filipino intellect and modern technology. 

"Bumangon ka Pilipinas naming mahal!"  And may God bless the Philippines.  

Sources: GMA Network.Com IM Ready and GMA